We understand “Advanced Urbanism” as the sensitive integration of ICT in cities. “Advanced Urbanism” is about merging technology and culture, focusing on planning processes –instead of just designing concrete artefacts, and engaging citizens, business and government into sustainable urbanism. “Advanced Urbanism” has a transdisciplinary nature. It requires changing traditional design and planning practices towards more open and collaborative practices.


Results Of The 7th Advanced Architecture Contest: Responsive Cities

Results of the 7th Advanced Architecture Contest: Responsive Cities

The 7th Advanced Architecture Contest was organized by The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and is…

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KA-AU Presentation at the European Week of Cities & Regions

This video was presented on October 11th at the European Week of Cities & Regions.

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What Is Advanced Urbanism – The Latest From The Knowledge Alliance For AU

What is Advanced Urbanism – the latest from the Knowledge Alliance for AU

What is Advanced Urbanism, and what do people involved in the design of the bulit…

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Latest Resources

Is The Idea Of Self Sufficiency Compulsive?

Is the idea of self sufficiency compulsive?

The rise of closed worlds We live in offices. We spend our life in atmospherically sealed…

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How Can We Establish The Common City?

How can we establish the common city?

Barcelona requires us to fight against inequalities. Ecology and the challenge against climate change are the elements…

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How To Solve Issue Locally To Influence The Globality?

How to solve issue locally to influence the globality?

FabCities for global improvement More than 200 years since the Industrial Revolution, global urbanisation keeps accelerating. United…

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How Can Cities Exploit Citizens Potential?

How can cities exploit citizens potential?

Living better with sharing  People gather in cities with different needs of services or interests while…

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What Are We Talking About When It Gets To Technology?

What are we talking about when it gets to technology?

Entering the inners of technology What are we really talking about when it gets to technologies?…

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How Can Data Help Us In Representing City’s Methabolism?

How can data help us in representing city’s methabolism?

City’s call for new representation 300000kms is a group of architect and planning based in Barcelona…

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Latest Teacher Support

How To Build An Educational Program On “Advanced Urbanism”?

How to build an educational program on “Advanced Urbanism”?

We understand Advanced Urbanism as the sensitive integration of technology in city. Advanced Urbanism is about merging technologies,…

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How To Learn “Advanced Urban Development” According To Santa & Cole

How to learn “Advanced Urban Development” according to Santa & Cole

We at Santa & Cole design and edit urban furniture, elements and lighting fixtures for…

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How To Learn “Advanced Urbanism”?

How to learn “Advanced Urbanism”?

New, innovative approaches to learn urban planning & design Check presentation presented at Responsive Cities Symposium…

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How may we enable a more cross- inter transdisciplinary urban education?

This report presents innovative, critical and inter- trans-disciplinary pedagogies on Advanced Urbanism education that engage…

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Teaching with case studies

A survey of faculty and students at Harvard Business school found that what engages students…

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The role of the case study method in training for urban and regional planning

The case study method of instruction is a teaching method which uses discussion of a case…

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