We understand “Advanced Urbanism” as the sensitive integration of ICT in cities. “Advanced Urbanism” is about merging technology and culture, focusing on planning processes –instead of just designing concrete artefacts, and engaging citizens, business and government into sustainable urbanism. “Advanced Urbanism” has a transdisciplinary nature. It requires changing traditional design and planning practices towards more open and collaborative practices.

Latest Events

IAAC Global Summer School

IAAC Global Summer School

IAAC Global Summer School is a full-time two-week course that provides both practical and theoretical…

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Call For Projects  KAAU Summer Workshop

Call for projects KAAU Summer Workshop

We are glad to inform you that the call for projects  GAVOGLIO KAAU SUMMER WORKSHOP is now…

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Symposium: Métropoles Du Sud

Symposium: Métropoles du Sud

On 20-21 January 2017,  will take place the Symposium MÉTROPOLES DU SUD at Montpellier.  Check…

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Latest Resources

KA-AU presentation at University-Business Forum

Video summary about KA-AU (Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism) This video was prepared for the…

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Multiramblas By Bianchini, Falcon, Gausa

Multiramblas by Bianchini, Falcon, Gausa

Multiramblas, 6TS Barcelona is a research produced by a “Intelligent Coast” for DHUB – Design…

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Hiper-Catalunya. Estrategias Para Una Nueva Geo-Urbanidad By Manuel Gausa

Hiper-Catalunya. Estrategias para una nueva Geo-Urbanidad by Manuel Gausa

Manuel Gausa, keeps on, in this new book, his  sensitive work of considering  themes regarding…

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Hicat Research Territiories By Gausa, Guallart, Muller

Hicat Research Territiories by Gausa, Guallart, Muller

HiperCatalunya analyzes every component of a territory, using Catalonia as a case study but saying…

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The Limits To Capital By David Harvey

The Limits to Capital by David Harvey

The Limits to Capital provides one of the best theoretical guides to the history and…

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Losing Control?: Sovereignty In The Age Of Globalization By Saskia Sassen

Losing Control?: Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization by Saskia Sassen

What determines the flow of labor and capital in this new global information economy? Who…

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Latest Teacher Support

How To Build An Educational Program On “Advanced Urbanism”?

How to build an educational program on “Advanced Urbanism”?

We understand Advanced Urbanism as the sensitive integration of technology in city. Advanced Urbanism is about merging technologies,…

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How To Learn “Advanced Urban Development” According To Santa & Cole

How to learn “Advanced Urban Development” according to Santa & Cole

We at Santa & Cole design and edit urban furniture, elements and lighting fixtures for…

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How To Learn “Advanced Urbanism”?

How to learn “Advanced Urbanism”?

New, innovative approaches to learn urban planning & design Check presentation presented at Responsive Cities Symposium…

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How may we enable a more cross- inter transdisciplinary urban education?

This report presents innovative, critical and inter- trans-disciplinary pedagogies on Advanced Urbanism education that engage…

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Teaching with case studies

A survey of faculty and students at Harvard Business school found that what engages students…

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The role of the case study method in training for urban and regional planning

The case study method of instruction is a teaching method which uses discussion of a case…

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