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Hiper-Catalunya. Estrategias para una nueva Geo-Urbanidad by Manuel Gausa

Manuel Gausa, keeps on, in this new book, his  sensitive work of considering  themes regarding contemporary project, endeavoring  once  again the complex and uninterrupted research on Barcelona and Catalunya. The book, enriched with more drawings, pictures and innovative proposals, presents projects and theoretical issues, as results from a meaningfull and constant crossing of conceiving and enquiring the contemporary project, thanks  to an original and new approach to different scales ranging from territory, city, landscape till to architecture. The book is therefore split into two wide and unbroken sequences. This is for devoting the first part to Barcelona conceived as multicity, beyond the administration’s  borders, through the several chances given by experimental projects, competitions and architectures. The second part devoted to Catalunya and to the size of a network of territories, to the potencial value of  both present and future strategies. A collection of texts, resulting from a civil engagement always careful at the changing of society and at the role of architecture. Moreover the book ends with outlooks of future and critical interpretations of the transformation of sites and of the requirements of projects.


GAUSA, Manuel: Libro Multi-Barcelona, Hiper-Catalunya. Estrategias para una nueva Geo-Urbanidad, Ed. List, Roma-Trento, 2009, ISBN 978-88-95623-07- 8