New technologies are in the center of contemporary paradigms. Producing a new layer of connections between people, objects, places and events, these new technologies provide a huge amount of data and informations crossing permanently. Always sought and constantly informed, these data are changing the way we live, we move and meet people. That is why we introduce the concept of SLOW URBANISM. This theme aims to succeed in bringing a more sensitive eye, rather than just efficient, on the technologies that surround us every day. Therefore, the goal is to bring a primitive look at the city, sharing discoveries, pathways and unusual places.

Slow Urbanism workshop

During the Workshop each team developed its own vision of the city by targeting specific themes based on specific experiences of the city that everyone would like to share. These thematic appeal to the senses of everyone, a different vision of the city, the mystery and discovery. These themes, initially rather vague time, have been refined and clarified throughout the Workshop. They are the result of many discussions, experiences and results of the undertaken course. What makes these interrelated themes of SLOW URBANISM is the opportunity they offer to discover the cultural heritage of a place through places and atypical paths, sometimes known only to the inhabitants of a town. This, in a defined period of time, the authentic discovery of the true personality of a city. Understanding how people really live there, These themes are therefore aimed to highlight human experience of the city, footprint discoveries and surprises, the goal is to be guided to be surprised by these multitudes of events that form a rich and vibrant city.


The educational establishment during the Workshop aims to create a new form of education. As the SLOW URBANISM wants to create a sensible way to discover the city, the City Workshop Sen must propose an agreement with the teaching objectives expressed above. That is why we propose to offer a horizontal learning. First of all, teaching is based on speech. During this Workshop, objectives and means to achieve them are discussed together with the students. It is essential that everyone is involved and that every opinion opens a discussion that could impact on the workshop itself or on its expected. This way of working offers the opportunity for everyone to be accountable to the theme, students interested in it even outside the course itself. Subsequently Experience Workshop is multiple. The theme is open to many areas, the workshop provides an experiential pedagogy, meetings and debates. The participation and involvement is key to the success of the Workshop and awareness of each involves a sum of diverse and fun experiments. Students are at the heart of the SLOW URBANISM manufacturing process, it is important that the method used to define the concept so under the basis of exchange and participation.