Multiramblas By Bianchini, Falcon, Gausa

Multiramblas by Bianchini, Falcon, Gausa

Multiramblas, 6TS Barcelona is a research produced by a “Intelligent Coast” for DHUB – Design…

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Hiper-Catalunya. Estrategias Para Una Nueva Geo-Urbanidad By Manuel Gausa

Hiper-Catalunya. Estrategias para una nueva Geo-Urbanidad by Manuel Gausa

Manuel Gausa, keeps on, in this new book, his  sensitive work of considering  themes regarding…

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Hicat Research Territiories By Gausa, Guallart, Muller

Hicat Research Territiories by Gausa, Guallart, Muller

HiperCatalunya analyzes every component of a territory, using Catalonia as a case study but saying…

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The Limits To Capital By David Harvey

The Limits to Capital by David Harvey

The Limits to Capital provides one of the best theoretical guides to the history and…

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