Carta Historica Barcelona

Carta Històrica de Barcelona

The Historic Charter of Barcelona is a pioneering document to explain the history of the city through the cartographies that describe it. The cartographies enable us to understand the transformations experience by the city as the coastline or the rivers course movements how the city has slowly grown over the centuries, how the streets and buildings have conquered the territory we can also discover unique architectural assets, both buildings currently classified as heritage and other which have disappeared thanks yo modern cartography and aerial photographs… but also the geolocation of ancient cartography, corrected and verified by a team of renowned historians. 

A document that is constantly evolving, reflecting the research activity of the Museum of History of Barcelona (MUHBA), for citizens, teachers, and professionals.

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Credits: The Historic Charter of Barcelona is a project conceived and developed by MUHBA

Direcció del científica: Joan Roca Albert

Execució: Elaboració de cartografies, 300.000 km/s Oriol Hostench, Pablo Martínez i Mar Santamaría