Geografies de la Innovaciò

The study Geographies of Innovation in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (AMB) aims to evaluate at a metropolitan level the impact of the innovative initiatives in the territory, considering that the urban fabric conditions influence in the generation of various economic and spatial models.

It is about getting to know which are these initiatives and which are the synergies generated among them, but also to define the urban fabrics of the metropolitan area considering their potential to foster this kind of activities in order to create innovative fabrics and strengthen the exisiting ones, apart from influencing via urban planning and public policies, on the urban variables that determine the sprout of innovative economic activities.

The study is related to other current research being carried out in parallel, with the aim to describe the current changes in the innovation geography. These transformations go through a return of knowledge activities to the city.

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Credits: A research by 300.000 Km/s under the direction of the Department of economic development (AMB)