Elodie Nourigat

Heavy task that to do the conclusion of this 9th edition, which for the first time was held over two days…

Heavy task that to do the conclusion of this 9th edition, which for the first time was held over two days. In the first place, I would like to tell you how great it was to share with you all these two extremely enriching and varied days, resolutely inscribed in a positive dimension of sharing. Then, to conclude, I would like to repeat the articulation of the panels of yesterday which seem to me to synthesize the content of this symposium.

First of all SHARE, and that is the essential point. At a time when we are talking about new ways of functioning in society where sharing would take place, it seems to me that beyond the sharing of everyday elements, the sharing of knowledge is an essential and privileged time, which we have benefited. Thank you to all members of the KAAU who have given us the opportunity to share our knowledge, experiences and perspectives with them. Special thanks to our four speakers of the day: Sir Peter Cook, Manuel Gausa, Julien Damon, Alain Moatti, and Chris Younes, whom I thank very much for having agreed to offer us this time of sharing. Constructing a debate in architecture, such is the ambition of this symposium, and taking the time necessary to listen, sharing is a luxury that it is imperative to preserve. The sharing is also that of the elders towards the younger ones, and it is a great pleasure to see that this does not require to be in an advanced age. This is a fine undertaking that the Association des Anciens de Métropoles du Sud is demonstrating to us thanks to the support it offers the young graduate. I greet Marion Moustey, its President, and congratulates the new winners of this year, whose impatience we look forward to your return next year.

Then INNOVATE; Yes, innovation has indeed been a thread of debate. Innovation is the introduction of new practices and processes into existing practices. We have all been able, beyond simply observing it, to experience it through the presentations of each one, demonstrating the constant re-interrogation of his own practice. Innovation is also for us in the modalities of teaching. Thus our role is no longer simply to pass on to students the knowledge but to ensure their training by preparing them for the full exercise of their responsibilities as an actor in society. Hence, it is essential to train them to be able to “do with conscience. »Awareness of economic, urban, constructive and environmental issues … Each of your interventions has fully participated in this learning process. On behalf of the teachers, I would like to thank all the students for their involvement throughout this semester in setting up this symposium, to thank them for their professionalism, which they have shown us today. And to tell them that our role and ambition, through the setting up of this symposium, is to offer them the conditions for another learning, and somewhere to “teach them to learn”, to better adapt in a A constantly changing world.

Finally CONNECT. At the time of the massive presence of new communication technologies, we were able to demonstrate that all types of connections were still viable. Physics / virtual / proximity / remote / diverse disciplines … Connecting the elements, establishing the means of a Reliance is a major challenge that we have been able to experience. All, just as connected as we are; It is physically united, coming from different places, professions and horizons, that together we have commonly built a privileged and common time.

Hoping that all and all you have, as much as we enjoy the time of these days. And as only a few students took the stage for the day’s animation, we wanted to end with a collective thanks to all those who worked to make this day possible.

by Elodie Nourrigat