Sir Peter Cook

In the last 30-35 years I have observed that there is a kind of academic discussion of architecture which this year is about smart cities…

In the last 30-35 years I have observed that there is a kind of academic discussion of architecture which this year is about smart cities.

Well I think I’m like Archigram. I like to travel a lot. It seems critical to make fun about what’s cynical but probably also in the cure is way more optimistic. We underestimate people ingenuity and as professional architects or professional sociologist or professional of electronic we tend to get into the state of thinking that there are particular channel of advanced or retard is most important when all is quite interesting. It was fascinating listening to mister Damon.  I’m fascinated by the way the mind works. I do not pretend to be a sociologist. I think any sociological observations I have are based upon handling thousands of students and being fascinated by him. I think that we underestimate people’s ingenuity may be back in the same issue ingenuity is most available to the elite. They find ways of applying engineered but I think also the you know even some poor beggar on the side of the road in Mumbai or Deli, two towns I have been recently.  They do all sorts of weird things to get by the whole issue of parking but managed to keep it cars moving by ingenious rework. I don’t want to say this is the answer but I but I would like the culture and the business interest airport manufacturers and there in the people to take advantage of people’s individual engineer to sign for the concept of the app rather than the basic phone. is as it is a great concept because you need another so many apps that I don’t have many but there’s so many apps now that you got on with my way of life based upon the apps which you choose to acknowledge. The way that you could mail order almost anything you may be able to quite remember the other mail-order house that you can get a mail order everything from pair of underpants to a caravan to a holiday to somebody else’s ship whatever.  And that could lead to a much more very warm future on the other hand going through it rather tragic moment. I don’t know what is happening in France and England whereas the survival pattern for the individual shot goes down to see more and more shops that are not being happy. It to let the sale of the business of the closet and then the multiples moving in many other international. The night happens to be Swedish I think that there probably made in Bangladesh and if there are not made in Bangladesh I may than some other place with workers cheaper. Am I not going to go to special little underpants shopping in Amsterdam to pay 10 times the cost but it is common sense.  I think that I am also irritated by the fact that with the technology we know when I care starts to do package housing.  Very boring done package housing and yet they are happy with the design work if they want to use it may have the marketing which may have the method of manufacture and distribution such as they could amaze package. So it is the business of taking the easy way out  I would like to see a citizen of them much more weird adjusting the point where everybody around London doing grey and grey and grey and straight up brown grey brown grey building. I happen to be in gold prices in Chili and it is colored.  They have got a bit of modern and metal from Europe but they are colored. It is Chili and Chili is a sophisticated architecture country and somehow to make a jump from the smarty-pants guys in Santiago and which color top riser you have something amazing I think. At the end this is it. It is more enough psychology of resistance to using it. I hope that all the stuff I said including the book. I am scavenger, I am a pirate I don’t think very many things that I don’t come out of my head they might come out of a kind of cooking response were you take the guy that becomes it is thick black prisoner could be interesting. I would like to see what happens if you do sometimes it works taste a bit boring stick to vodka in it in my diary the next morning that you have been suburban diarrhea I think it’s worth it I might point you get this and it.

by Sir Peter Cook

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